Frequently Asked Questions


Who do I contact with questions?

For questions about:

  • Practice & Game Schedules
  • Coaching Decisions
  • Interest in Coaching
  • Player Requests
  • Player Development

Please contact Alin Suru (Director of Coaching for the Academy Program) -             , 307-413-7627

Please contact George Hahui (Director of Coaching for the United Program) -             , 307-413-7908

For questions about: 

  • Registration
  • Financial Matters
  • Fundraising
  • Scholarships
  • Business Matters

Please contact Adam Carranza (Executive Director) -             , 307-200-6034


How do I know if I can still register my child?

You can check on registration dates on our calendar. You can also register your child by clicking registration. It will take you through the process if it is still open. If it is closed and their is a wait-list, it will alert you that you have been put on the wait-list. Your card will NOT be charged if you are put on a wait-list, only if when your child gets taken off of the wait-list. 


The age group was full when I tried registering my child. What do I do now?

Our programming does fill up very quickly. We will place you on a wait list according to the time you email us saying you tried registering and it was full. Your card will NOT be charged if you are put on a wait-list, only if when your child gets taken off of the wait-list. For Academy programming (Ages 4-10) email For United programming (Ages 11 and above) email


How do I know what program to sign my child up for?

You register through Once you put in the birth date of your child, the website will put you in your correct age group. To register, go to the navigation bar in the top right hand corner of this website under "Register Now". Or click here to be taken there. 

**Please note- a big change is happening with U.S. Youth Soccer. We will begin using the calendar year to determine age groups of players instead of the previous school-year calendars. This will affect the placement of a few players depending on when their birthday is. For more information you can go to: U.S. Youth Soccer Age Changes.


What is the structure for the club in terms of age and programming options?

  • Academy Program (Recreational - no traveling)
    • Minikickers (3 1/2 - 4 yrs old)
    • Grassroots (5-6 yrs old)
    • U7-U8 
    • U9-10
      • Option to play supplemental "Pre-competitive" program. Includes one extra practice per week, on top of usual Academy practices, plus a 1-2 travel tournament weekends.
      • Tournaments are Pay-to-Play, and the costs are NOT included in the registration fees. Players will only have to pay for tournaments they attend. The tournament travel fees cover the the cost of registering for the tournament, as well as coaching expenses. 
  • United Program (Competitive - travel)
    • U11 - U15 teams
    • Tournaments are Pay-to-Play, and the costs are NOT included in the registration fees. Players will only have to pay for tournaments they attend. The tournament travel fees cover the the cost of registering for the tournament, as well as coaching expenses. 


How do I know when to register, when the season starts, when tournaments are?

Our club calendar is under the "Info" tab at the top of the navigation panel. It gives all major registration dates, season start dates, tournaments, club BBQs and other special events. You can also click here


Where do I go to register?

You register for each season through It can be found on the upper right hand corner of the website, or you can Click here.


What is the usual schedule? How long are seasons and when are practices?

Depending on the age of your child, Academy seasons are typically 6-7 weeks long, with two practices and one game per week (exception is for Minikickers and Grassroots.) Practices range from Monday-Thursday (again depending on the age) with games on the weekend. For Academy, games are always on Saturday mornings around 9:30AM.

United seasons are typically 8-10 weeks long, with two or three practices a week (depending on the age) and will include travel to tournaments and friendly games.


How will I know if there is still practice or a game if there is inclement weather?

For Academy programming: The club now has an App called My Club Hub. Please download the App on your smartphone and enter the ID: WYJHYS. You will receive a push notification when practice/games are cancelled.

For United programming: you receive communication from your team coach or manager.


I got an email about an App called "My Club Hub", what is that? 

JHYS is improving and updating the way we communicate with our families! Club Hub is our club’s Mobile App.  You can find important club information, inclement weather updates through push notifications, team schedules, and more right in the app. This will enable the club and your coaches and managers to send you important messages right to your phone without the need for cell phone numbers!  The app is called MY CLUB HUB.  Think of it as a hub of information for your soccer world!  WE WANT TO SEE 100% PARTICIPATION BY THE TIME THE SEASON STARTS. PLEASE DOWNLOAD THE APP TODAY! You will not receive the important messages if you do not have the app. TO DOWNLOAD THE APP:  Go to the App Store on your phone and search for MY CLUB HUB, download, and enter the ID Code:  WYJHYS.


How do we know which field to go to for practices and games?

Information about pratices and game schedules are located in the Programs tab, under the appropriate program (Academy, Minikicker & Grassroots, United). For the first few weeks of the season, there will be a field map at the south end of Alpine Fields. You will receive an email before the season saying what team you are on, who your coach is (with contact information), and the team roster. *YOU WILL PRACTICE ON THE SAME FIELD/SAME NET FOR EVERY PRACTICE. Once you figure out where to go, that is where you will go every practice for the rest of the season unless an email is sent out otherwise. Game locations will differ, but you will still be in the general area. 

For questions about Academy practices, please contact Alin Suru (Director of Coaching for the Academy Program) -, 307-413-7627

For questions about United practices, please contact George Hahui (Director of Coaching for the United Program) -, 307-413-7908


How do I buy a uniform/jerseys? Are they mandatory?

Yes they are mandatory at every age, with the exception of Minikickers (3-4 year olds.) You can click HERE and follow the instructions for purchasing a uniform. Please pay attention to the age and what kit is needed. 


Is there a place my child can receive private training?

The club has a variety of top quality coaches, many of whom played at very high levels, who are available for private training. For more information, please contact the Director of Coaching, George Hahui,


How can I get involved coaching/team manager?

The club is grateful for our involved parents, whether that be coaching, being team manager, stepping in to be referee for games, etc. If you are interested and willing to help out on any capacity, please email for Academy programming or for United programming.


Can my son/daughter move up or down an age group?

We do not move players around in different age groups unless:

  1. There is no team for their age group, and they therefore must move up or down an age group.
  2. They are in the top 3-5 players of the older age group / they are not posing a safety concern playing down an age group with their size, strength, etc.
  3. The Director of Coaching and Club Director approve.

For more information, please email for Academy, and for United program.


Please note:

  • We will receive requests to be with certain coaches or to be with other players. However, we DO NOT GUARANTEE that those requests will be fulfilled.
  • If you are going to miss a practice or game, please let your coach know.
  • For Academy- occasionally your coach may need an assistant/someone to step in for practice they have to miss. Please be aware they may need help filling in. 
  • There are no refunds once the season has started. 
  • If a player decides/has to stop playing mid-season, please let the coach AND JHYS staff know so we can give someone on the waitlist a chance to play.